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Babkin Ivan Antonovich

Born on August 12, 1916 in the village Elizarovo (now the Khanty-Mansi region) in the family of a fisherman - peasant Anton Nikolaevich Babkin. In 1931, Ivan Antonovich moved with his father and sisters to Kazym, where he worked at the Kazym cultural base as a worker and forester. June 9, 1942 I.A. Babkin was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army. Combat path: served in the 59th regiment as an easel machine gunner. On May 16, 1943, corporal Babkin Ivan Antonovich was slightly wounded, was in the 989th evacuation hospital from May to June 1943. After the hospital he returned to the 221st Infantry Regiment. On July 28, 1943, he was again wounded, he was treated from July to November 1943. After treatment, Ivan Antonovich was sent to the 240th Army Reserve Rifle Regiment with a submachine gunner, where he served until October 1945. Awards: Medal "For the Defense of Leningrad". In 1944 he was admitted to the CPSU. October 10, 1945 I. A. Babkin was transferred to the reserve.