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Promotion "Our Heroes of Victory"!

On the eve of the Great Victory Day, the team of the project “North for Victory. Everyone for the cause of Peace ”, together with the colleagues of the“ Countrymen ”project, we are launching the campaign“ Our Heroes of Victory ”! These are stories about heroes of the war and home front from our families.
We invite you to join the action and send us the stories of your relatives. All materials will be posted on our portal, social networks, and also presented in a thematic exhibition.
Let's remember together what contribution our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers made to bring the most important day closer - the Great Victory Day.
You can take part:
✅ by posting archival photos of a family with a story about a participant in the Great Patriotic War
✅ by posting archival photographs of the settlement and its organizations: for example, factories or factories, schools or institutes, hospitals or hospitals, telling the story of the home front workers, their contribution to the Great Victory.
To make your posts noticeable, put:
#Sever for victory
#North for victory_face
Tag @sever_dlya_pobedy and @zemlakihmao in posts and stories or email stories to severpobedy@yandex.ru
Submissions are accepted until September 3, 2021.