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WWII veteran Pavel Sverbyagin passed away in Surgut

WWII veteran Pavel Sverbyagin passed away in Surgut. Pavel Fomich died on Saturday, October 23, at the age of 96 after a long illness. Surgut residents will remember him as cheerful, cheerful and energetic. The veteran has always taken an active part in the life of the city, talked a lot with young people and at all holidays delighted guests with his signature performance of military songs to his favorite accordion.
Pavel Sverbyagin was one of the last soldiers of the Surgut who have survived to this day. In 2018, he celebrated Victory Day on Red Square in Moscow. In February 2021, he celebrated his 95th anniversary. Congratulations came from all over Ugra. On his birthday, he received a telegram from the President of Russia: “We are sincerely proud of your generation - the generation of courageous, strong-minded people,” said Vladimir Putin.
Pavel Fomich was distinguished by his optimism, he never lost courage. His youth was spent in Kazakhstan. At the age of 14, he worked in a warehouse, at 15 - in an exploration party. In 1942, a young conscript began military training. The gunner-gunner Pavel Sverbyagin was sent to the area of the Oryol-Kursk Bulge. Subsequently, the front-line soldier liberated Ukraine, Belarus, Poland from the invaders and stormed the Reichstag.
After the war, he moved to live in the North. He worked in the Surgut UTT-2 as a coppersmith. In retirement, he became one of those who were actively involved in the patriotic education of the younger generation. Farewell to the veteran will take place on Tuesday 26 October.