ENG Лица победы

Zakotyrin Semyon Ulyanovich

Born on January 4, 1927 in the village. Os (now the Arkhangelsk region). In August 1945 he was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army. Combat path: participated in the war with Japan. Awards: Order of the Patriotic War, II degree; medal "For Victory over Japan", anniversary medals. Demobilized in September 1947. After demobilization, he worked for 30 years at the state farm "50 years of October" in Uzbekistan. For conscientious work he was repeatedly encouraged by certificates of honor, cash prizes, gratitude. Drummer of the eleventh five-year plan, winner of socialist competition (1977), awarded the "Veteran of Labor" medal. He died on May 14, 1997 and was buried in the city of Urai.