ENG Лица победы

Zavodov Vasily Eliseevich

Born on February 10, 1922 in the village. Verkhnyaya Mecha (now Perm region). He volunteered for the front in September 1941. Battle path: he fought at Stalingrad, took part in the liberation of Western Ukraine. He was wounded twice. Awards: Orders of the Patriotic War; anniversary medals. He was awarded the Order of Labor Glory, medals "For Labor Valor", "For the Development of the Subsoil of Western Siberia." Demobilized in 1949. In 1966 he came with his family to the city of Urai. He worked as a carpenter in the housing and communal office of the Shaimneft oil and gas production department. Died November 24, 1999, buried in Urai.