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Victory volunteers from 32 countries of the world discussed the strategy for the development of programs on patriotic education

The All-Russian Patriotic Forum is being held in Moscow from 9 to 12 December 2021. The Forum has become a unique communication platform designed to unite the efforts and resources of the participants in the system of patriotic education.
As part of the forum, the Victory Volunteers organized a platform for the International Missions of the Movement, young historians, members of the federal
team of the “My History” direction, teachers and coordinators of the school teams of the Victory Volunteers.
“It is important that the forum brought together a large number of members of our Movement not only from Russia, but also from 32 countries of the world. This shows that we really have a lot of like-minded people who are interested in preserving our history and looking for new interactive ways for this. We are glad that, within the framework of the Forum, we signed an agreement with Rossotrudnichestvo, which will allow us to carry out joint activities to preserve the historical memory of the Victory in World War II and the patriotic education of civil society in the Russian Federation. Together we will be able to more actively develop patriotic volunteerism at the international level, "said Anastasia Ryabova, Executive Director of the Victory Volunteers.
The ceremony of presenting the National Prize "Patriot - 2021" was also held at the forum. The award is awarded to residents of the country and organizations for their significant contribution to the civil-patriotic education of citizens of the Russian Federation. The project of our Movement "All-Russian intellectual online game" Science "won in the nomination" Best Scientific Project ". In addition, the regional leader of the Victory Volunteers in the Pskov region, Yekaterina Rodina, became the winner in the category "By her own example" in the category "Mentor". Her project "To be remembered" unites not only representatives of the Movement, but also other caring people of the region.
At the site of young historians, the Victory Volunteers developed a concept for the development, support and operation of the Public Centers of the My History project based on universities. Volunteers from community centers will help citizens on a professional basis in compiling a family tree, conducting history lessons, and advising people on finding information in the archives. The teachers paid attention to the development of volunteerism on the basis of schools and planned the implementation of patriotic programs for 2022.
An equally interesting program awaited the International Delegations of Victory Volunteers. Volunteers from Egypt, Serbia, Venezuela, Malaysia and other 28 countries took part in the development of a motivation program for volunteers living abroad.
“I am very glad that I came to this forum. Here I was able to meet new people, colleagues and experts. The Victory Volunteers' platform is about new skills, exchange of experience and knowledge of how colleagues from other countries work. It's a lot of work to collect so many countries in one place. I am very glad that there are so many like-minded people who are ready to develop the patriotic sphere and preserve our common history, ”said Irina Makarenko, head of the International Representation of Victory Volunteers in Donetsk.
The participants of the site also discussed the possibility of grant support for initiatives on civic and patriotic education, held master classes dedicated to the
holding of public events. During the forum, the Moscow House of Compatriots proposed to continue organizing joint events and forum campaigns not only in Russia, but also in other countries.
The organizers of the forum were the federal state budgetary institution "Russian Center for Civil and Patriotic Education of Children and Youth" (FGBU "Rospatriotcenter") and the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. The organizer of the site is the All-Russian public movement "VOLUNTEERS OF VICTORY" with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.