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Day of the beginning of the Soviet counter-offensive against the Nazi troops in the battle near Moscow

December 5 Day of the beginning of the Soviet counteroffensive against the Nazi troops in the Battle of Moscow (1941) The counteroffensive, as the second stage of the Battle of Moscow, began on December 5-6, 1941 on the front from Kalinin to Yelets. The fighting immediately took on a fierce character. Despite the lack of superiority in manpower and technical means, in severe frosts, deep snow cover, the Soviet troops of the left wing of the Kalinin and right wing of the Western fronts, already in the first days of the counteroffensive, broke through the defenses and liberated a number of settlements. The strong blows of the Red Army forces forced the fascist German command to take measures to save their troops from defeat. By the beginning of January 1942, the troops of the right wing of the Western Front reached the line of the Lama and Ruza rivers. As a result, the enemy's flank strike groupings were driven back from Moscow by 100-250 kilometers, 38 German divisions were defeated, over 11 thousand settlements were liberated. All this removed the threat hanging over the capital of the USSR. The victory of Soviet troops near Moscow and the beginning of the counteroffensive had not only great military, but also political, international significance - for the first time in World War II, the hitherto invincible Wehrmacht was stopped and suffered a significant defeat. The Battle of Moscow was marked by massive heroism and self-sacrifice of the Soviet people. For valor and courage shown in battles, 40 units and formations were awarded the title of guards, 36 thousand soldiers were awarded orders and medals, 187 people were awarded
the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. The medal "For the Defense of Moscow" was awarded to more than 1 million people (including about 381 thousand servicemen and about 639 thousand civilians). Today is the date of December 5 - another reason to remember the heroes of that war. On this day, in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and other troops, solemn events are held to perpetuate the memory of the soldiers who distinguished themselves in the battles for the capital of the country.