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Veteran of the Great Patriotic War Zoya Kudinova celebrated her 100th anniversary

Zoya Aleksandrovna Kudinova was born on June 17, 1921. Her homeland is the village of Bezrukovo in the Tyumen region. In 1941, the girl took nursing courses. The graduation of the cadets coincided with the tragic date - June 22, 1941. The girl was sent to serve in the Far East to a military hospital in the 620th airfield service battalion. In 1946, the regiment of Zoya Alexandrovna was disbanded and sent to North Korea. She went there with her husband, and from there she returned with her family to Siberia. For her work in wartime, Zoya Kudinova was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II degree and several medals.
Zoya Aleksandrovna arrived in Surgut in 1965, worked as a junior nurse in the children's department of the medical and sanitary part of the city.
Today Zoya Aleksandrovna Kudinova celebrates her 100th anniversary. She retains a lively mind, incredible vitality and optimism. Daughter Irina Kudinova told by phone that the hero of the day is in a good mood and feels fine.