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Moldanov Alexander Ivanovich

Was born in 1926 in the village. Yuilsk (now Beloyarsk district) Nationality: Khanty In June 1944, Mikoyanovsky RVK, Omsk region. A.I. Moldanov was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army. Combat path: in December 1944, as part of the 253rd Guards Rifle Regiment, took part in battles on the Leningrad Front in March 1945, fought on the 2nd Baltic Front in Courland. Wounded: March 17, 1945 A.I. Moldanov was seriously wounded, one shell fragment hit in the leg, another went a centimeter from the heart. I met the victory in the evacuation hospital №3356. In 1947 he was demobilized. Awards: Medal "For Military Merit" After demobilization A.I. Moldanov returned to Yuilsk, where he worked as an accountant at the Kazymsky state farm.