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Patrakov Timofey Afanasevich

Born February 23, 1905 in the mountains in a family of reindeer herders. Before the war he worked as a reindeer herder, later became a master carpenter, participated in the construction of a secondary school and kindergarten in the village. Saranpaul. In 1925 he married Anna Alekseevna Filippova. Thirteen children were born in the Patrakov family: Nikolai. Matryona, Maria, Alexey, Georgy, Semyon, Alexandra, Fedor, Andrey, Katya Mira, Dusya, Kostya. In 1941, Timofey Patrakov went to the front, from the very first days he fought in the infantry. He built bridges for military needs. He returned from the front with the rank of corporal. After returning, he continued to work as a master builder. He was engaged in the manufacture of furniture. Timofey Afanasevich passed away on August 7, 1959, was buried in the village. Saranpaul. From the memoirs of the daughters of Timofey Afanasyevich Matryona and Maria: “during the war a telegram came that my father was going home. The children were so happy that they could not even sleep. The father arrived in reindeer from Berezovo, accompanied by a nurse. I spent almost a year in Saranpaul on wounded leave. Then he got medical treatment and went back to the front. But soon he was seriously injured and returned home as a disabled person of the first group. Anna Alekseevna took care of him all his life. But Timofey Afanasyevich worked anyway, the family is large, it was necessary to feed. Was a foreman of builders. And at home he made furniture in the hallway, although no one specially taught him to carpentry. He knew all sorts of subtleties, for example, mixed soot and milk to get furniture paint. For a long time, the state farm had two-pillar tables and cupboards made by Timofey Afanasyevich. "