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The international action "Victory Dictation" will take place on April 29

The sites for the campaign will be opened in all regions of Russia and abroad. There are about 12 thousand of them in total, 110 of them will be located in Ugra. In Khanty-Mansiysk, the dictation will take place on the basis of secondary school No. 4.
As before, the questions for the exam were prepared by experts from the RIO, the Russian Military Historical Society and the Russian Humanitarian State University.
The Dictation participants will have to complete 25 tasks, answering 20 questions on a general military-historical theme and five questions on a regional theme, said the coordinator of the "Historical Memory" party project, Deputy Secretary of the General Council of "United Russia" Alexander Khinshtein.
Recall that in 2021, the "Victory Dictation" will be held for the third time. The action is organized by United Russia, the Russian Historical Society, the Russian Military-Historical Society and the Victory Volunteers movement. In 2020, more than a million people from Russia and 75 foreign countries were able to test their knowledge.