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Media expedition arrived in the Hero-City of Kerch

On September 13, participants of the media expedition “Victory in Our Hearts” arrived in the Hero-City of Kerch.

The expedition participants together with representatives of the city administration laid flowers at the eternal flame and visited memorable places of the city.

Media volunteers visited Mount Mithridat, where they visited the Obelisk of Glory, the main city monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War who defended the city from Nazi invaders.

Then the expedition participants went to Adzhimushkay quarries. In these underground quarries from the second half of May to the end of October 1942, the Crimean front troops were defending against the German invaders. The length of the excavated quarry passages is more than 8 kilometers, many passages are still hidden under rubble, which were formed as a result of enemy attempts to undermine the roof of the quarries. The total number of soldiers, officers and civilians who defended the quarries was about 13 thousand people.

The team of the media expedition commemorates and honors the heroes' heroic deed.