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Alexandrov Alexander Fedorovich

Born in 1883 in the city of Omsk, in a family of bourgeois handicraftsmen. In 1910 he graduated from the Irkutsk military paramedic school. He served in the West Siberian Military District as a lekpom (paramedic). In 1925 he graduated from the Omsk Medical Institute. From 1937 he worked as the chief physician of the Berezovskaya regional hospital. In 1939, he became known throughout the country when, risking his health and life, he assisted the passengers of the crashed N-120 aircraft, where there were wounded, including a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and chairman of the executive committee of the Yamal-Nenets national district. Rescuing the wounded, the doctor received frostbite of the hands and feet, giving the mittens to the victim. The Izvestia newspaper published about this heroic act of the surgeon Aleksandrov. He was awarded the “Excellence in Health Care” badge. Khanty-Mansiysk Regional Executive Committee was presented for rewarding with the Order of the Badge of Honor. In July 1941 A.F. Alexandrov was mobilized to the front. Combat path: on the front line A.F. Aleksandrov was a surgeon, head of a hospital department on the Kalinin, Central, First and Baltic fronts. By orders of the command in 1942, 1943, 1944. gratitude was announced three times "for the exceptionally selfless work in the military unit, the hospital and the conscientiousness in the group for strengthening the sanitary administration." He was twice wounded and shell-shocked. Awards: two Orders of the Red Star. In October 1943, Alexander Fyodorovich was demobilized. He returned to the district in the village of Berezovo, where he immediately began work. In 1948, the staff of the hospital, noting the enormous merits to the region, district and country, petitioned for the assignment of A.F. - to the surgeon of the Berezovskaya regional hospital - the title of Hero of Labor, assigning him a personal pension and awarding him with a government award.