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Gyndyshev Kirill Ivanovich

Kirill Ivanovich Gyndyshev . At the birthplace of yurts Voitekhovo (now Berezovsky district).
In March 1941 he was called up for military training in Berezovo. In July of the same year, he was sent to Omsk together with conscripts from the Berezovsky district. He was in training until the end of October, after which he was sent to the defense of Moscow as part of the Siberian division.
Combat path: the whole war was a rifleman in a reconnaissance unit as part of the Leningrad, 2nd Ukrainian fronts. During the war he was wounded three times, the family received three funerals. The last wound was received on May 12, 1945, 24 kilometers from Berlin. Demobilized in October 1946, returned home in December 1946.
Awards: two Orders of the Red Star, the Order of the Red Banner; medals "For Military Merit", "For the Defense of Leningrad", "For the Liberation of Warsaw", "For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." ...
After the war K.I. Gyndyshev worked on his own collective farm, caught fish, built houses. Together with his wife, he raised seven children.