Hospitals patronage
The general care of the residents of the district was surrounded by military personnel who were being treated in hospitals in Tyumen. In the Khanty-Mansiysk district, the patronage work was headed by the district commission under the leadership of the first secretary of the district committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks V.V. Uzentsev. In 1942, when hospitals for seriously wounded soldiers and commanders opened in Tyumen, the staff of the largest enterprise in the city, the Samarovskiy Fish Cannery, took over their patronage. This initiative was unanimously supported by collective farmers and workers of all districts of the district. The district commission has distributed the duties of the patron. Khanty-Mansiysk and Samarovskiy district were assigned to hospital No. 3346, Surgut and Laryakskiy districts - to hospital No. 3344, Berezovsky, Kondinsky and Mikoyanovskiy - to hospital No. 3336

All residents of the district were involved in the patronage work. And each strived to support and encourage the wounded, to help them recover their strength and health as soon as possible. The wounded soldiers, commanders and political workers, who are being treated in the hospital, greeted with great joy the message of the representative of the district workers about the taking of patronage over the Tyumen hospitals. They wrote in a letter: "Your decision on patronage is a vivid manifestation of the paternal attention and care of the entire Soviet people to the soldiers of the Red Army, who do not spare their lives to defeat the German fascist hordes. Your decision confirms the vital unity of the front and rear. "
The patronage commissions at enterprises and collective farms continuously replenished health funds, which consisted of a variety of voluntary contributions from the population. Donated blood and serum, meat, dairy and fish products, confectionery, fish oil, pine nuts, berries, medicinal herbs, books, musical instruments - this is an incomplete list of what constituted the contents of the health funds.

And how can you measure the healing power of the touching letters and gifts of women and children pouring in to the wounded soldiers? So, a team of workers of the Khanty-Mansiysk secondary school sent a parcel with gifts - gramophone records, books, personal hygiene items, tobacco, cigarettes and others to the sponsored hospitals.