2000 parcels with gifts from KhMNO to the front
During the war years, the patriotic movement among the population for collecting and sending gifts to the front became widespread . It arose almost simultaneously in many towns and villages and quickly spread throughout the entire district. A particularly large number of gifts were sent to the front for the holidays: the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, New Year, Red Army Day , May 1. Parcels with gifts were both collective and individual. The front-line soldiers were sent pastry, meat, fish and tobacco products, as well as various basic necessities. For example, a special commission of the Mikoyanovsky district for organizing the reception and sending of gifts to the front sent in 1942-1943 parcels to the front in the amount of 357 thousand rubles. In total, over the years of the war, more than 2 thousand parcels with gifts were sent from KhMNO to the front