43 medics of KhMNO during the war years received the title of Excellence in Healthcare of the District
The timber industry of the Ob North during the war years was represented by two logging enterprises - the Kondinsky and Khanty-Mansiysky timber industry enterprises and one timber processing enterprise - the Belogorsky plant. Before the war, these enterprises were mainly engaged in logging. The war expanded the range of their activities due to state special orders. For the needs of the front, rifle ridges and blanks, air veneer, ski ridges, battery wood, etc. were needed . Fulfilling this task, the enterprises of the district mastered the procurement and production of ski bar and skis for the soldiers of the Leningrad and Karelian fronts, aviation and ship pine, rifle blanks, plywood logs. Artels of the wood-chemical cooperation increased the extraction of resin, the production of charcoal, turpentine and tar, antiscorbutic coniferous tincture, and the collection of medicinal plants. Winner of the All-Union competition "More wood for the Motherland!" Khanty-Mansiysk timber industry enterprise for five years in a row was the owner of the rolling Red Banner of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions and the People's Commissariat of the USSR Timber Industry, by the end of the war received it for eternal storage. Low-value wood was used as a fuel in industry, agriculture, water transport, and the residential sector. Working conditions in the forest were very difficult. The harvesting and removal of timber was carried out manually using horse traction. There was not a single tractor on the forest plots. In total, during the war years, the Ob North gave the front: rifle blanks (a rifle stock for rifles and machine guns) - 900 thousand pieces, aircraft - 25 thousand cubic meters, aircraft pumps - 7 thousand cubic meters, cedar - 17 thousand cubic meters, various materials - 234.4 thousand cubic meters ...

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