More than 6 billion 844 million rubles in terms of today's money collected by the people of the Khanty-Mansi National District in the war years in the Defense Fund.
In the autumn, when the People's Defense Fund was formed, the residents of the district replenished it with money, workdays, and family jewels. Additional sources of funds were the voluntary subscription of citizens to government loans and the purchase of tickets for cash and clothing lotteries. The total amount of subscriptions for loans and the sale of lottery tickets was 58.5 million rubles. This is approximately 6,844 million rubles at the rate of 2020 . In 1937 , the USSR established the calculation of the value of the ruble on the basis of the American currency, and until 1950 the rate of 5.3 rubles per dollar was fixed . $ 1 (1950) = $ 8.91 (2020). Thus, we get the ratio of 5.3 rubles (1950 ) = $ 8.91 (2020) = 623.7 rubles (2020) or 1 ruble (1950 ) = 117 rubles (2020). Thus, we get a figure of 58.5 million rubles at the rate of 1950 a year or 6 billion 844 million rubles in the course 2020 the year