Ukrainian Theater of the Far North
Even during the war years, film screenings and performances were held in Khanty-Mansiysk, they organized concerts - people tried to forget about the hardships of the war at least for a while. The newspaper publishes a poster for January 1942 of the Ukrainian Theater of the Far North. The unusual name was explained by the fact that many Soviet theaters, including those from Ukraine, were evacuated to the Urals and Siberia during the war.
In the early summer of 1941, Salekhard was expecting a tour of the Ukrainian Theater of Musical Drama and Comedy. As the local press wrote, the troupe arrived in the city on June 20 and was supposed to give 16 performances and 4 children's concerts in a month. The first performance was scheduled for June 23, but the war broke out on the 22nd, and the theater remained in the North. Soon the drama theater from Lvov was also evacuated to Tobolsk. On the basis of these theatrical troupes, the Ukrainian Drama Theater of the Far North was created, which toured cities and villages. The repertoire, as can be seen from the poster, includes not only Chekhov's Wedding and Pushkin's Poltava. The artists staged the play "Let's End Fascism", and also showed "war collections of miniatures." The performances were staged at the Theater of the House of the Peoples of the North. As stated in the playbill, after the performance, dances were announced until 1:30 with a jazz orchestra .