Skiing is not fun, it's a weapon
During the war years, the district's newspapers urge young people to get up on skis. In 1944, a traditional Komsomol-trade union cross named after the 26th anniversary of the Red Army was held in the district.

"In the conditions of the Great Patriotic War, this is not just a competition," wrote the "Stalin tribune" on February 15, "but a very important event for the preparation of new combat reserves for the Red Army. Where a German tank gets bogged down, a Red Army skier will pass silently and quickly, our fearless Soviet soldiers will fall on the heads of the enemies from the rear and from the flanks in an unexpected tornado, having made a circular roundabout throw. Skiing is not fun, but a weapon. A fighter on skis is a thunderstorm for the fascist invaders. "

In the current cross-country race, the newspaper writes, all workers who can stand on skis should participate.

"According to incomplete data, 4135 people took part in the ski trade union-Komsomol cross-country in our district. In the Samarovskiy region, 1,780 people participate in the cross-country race, in Mikoyanovskiy - 770 people, in Berezovskiy - 405, in Surgutskiy - 400, in Kondinskiy - 600 people, "we read on the pages of the newspaper.

Traditional cross-country skiing should provide new cadres for service in the Red Army. "On skis, youth!" - called the newspaper "Stalin's Tribune".