Letters from the front
The letters from the front are of historical importance. They were written on scraps of newspapers, granary books, between the lines. They wrote on a simple piece of paper and folded it into a triangle, since there were not enough envelopes. Letters were sent not only from the front, but also from the rear. Tenderness and love, support of loved ones, wives, mothers gave the soldiers additional strength, carried an awareness of the importance of peace over their heads, a joyful calm life for their families and children. That's what our grandfathers fought for! So that we now study, read books, make friends, live without war, without fascism and enslavement.

These letters have always been awaited. They were waiting at the front, they were waiting at the rear. People were hoping for good news. These letters warmed their souls and hearts, instilled confidence in victory.

During the war, the newspapers of the Khanty-Mansiysk National Okrug regularly published letters from fellow countrymen from the front. In a letter from Ivan Krivykh, published in the newspaper Stalinskaya Tribuna on February 15, 1945, the front-line soldier writes:

"Comrades, inhabitants of Siberia, the front hears your voices and your comments about the front, and we are driving the black plague of Germany with enthusiasm, striving to finish off the beast in its lair as soon as possible and raise our Soviet flag over Berlin. You go into battle even more enthusiastically when you receive a letter from home, from your mother, and she says that she was awarded for her good work, and as the mother of a Siberian front-line soldier, she enjoys great prestige among the employees of her production, "the soldier writes.

According to him, after such letters "you immediately go into battle with renewed vigor." In conclusion, Ivan Krivykh promises not to disgrace the title of Siberian.

"And we, Siberians, will not disgrace our deep Siberia either, we two in a unit - also Nikolai Sumkin, also a Siberian, swore to each other that we would fight to the last drop of blood, until the complete destruction of Hitlerism. Thank you, comrade head of the children named after Sergei Mironovich Kirov, for the great care of the front-line soldier's mother. Write, comrades, to the front about your successes in the rear, and we will write to you about our successes at the front. With greetings from the guards, front-line soldier Krivykh Ivan Fedorovich. I ask you to transmit my note on the radio and in the newspaper. I would be very grateful to you. My address: Field mail 43186 "D".